August 20th, 2009

fred - beginning


Your friendly mods are moving, and so we won't be around for a couple of months.
Due to this fact, the deadline rules will be ignored for the time being, just make sure you get your claim done by its due date (the 4 month due date).
As always, extensions and cancellations are allowed.

Now, we need a co-mod! The co-mod responsibilities will be the following:
-Once or twice a week only-
.Checking the comments in the claims list and approving new claims. (You'll just follow our format for approval)
.Checking the wait list to add to the Wait List.
(Again, copying what we have done)
.Checking the FAQ for new questions and answering them.
.Approving extensions and cancellations.

You will not be allowed to update the actual posts (claims, waits, extensions, etc), but you must be able to keep track of the comments you approve. (So, for the next few months, no comments will be deleted)

If you're interested in being our co-mod, please comment.

your friendly mods who love this community and appreciate its members