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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions. Please feel free to ask any questions you may still have after reading the community profile and this page.

Characters and Shows:

The TV show that I want to claim is in mid-season. Do I have to icon the season that's still airing?
No. You are not required to include the current season of a show that's still airing.

The show that I want to icon is brand new. Can I a new show even if only a few episodes have aired?
You may claim any show that has had at least nine episodes. Shows with less than nine episodes will not be accepted for claims.

The show that I want to icon exists online only, it never aired on television. Is that allowed?
Even though online-only shows are not technically "TV shows," they are welcome here. You would still make three icons per episode and label each season appropriately.

In terms of characters, can I icon pairings or ships? What if I want to focus on a particular character?
This is a show challenge, where the goal is to icon all the characters in general. You may make shippy icons, but please limit them to less than ten percent of your total icons. To claim a ship or pairing, you can join itvship. If you would like to focus on one particular character, you can join icharacter.


I really want to claim a particular show but the subject is taken. What can I do?
This community offers a Waiting List where you can sign up to be next in line for a currently claimed show. You will be notified when your show is available.

Can I apply for more than one claim at a time?
No. So that everyone will have a better chance of getting the claims they want, only one show can be claimed at a time per person.

I can't finish my claim -- what do I do?
If you would like an extension on your claim, comment at the Claim Extensions post here. If you want to drop your claim, comment at the Claim Cancellations post here.

I've gone over my 4 month period without finishing my icons. What happens now?
If your deadline has passed before you've finished your claim, you'll be notified via e-mail or a comment to your journal. You'll be given a week to respond. If you haven't requested an extension, or linked to your finished claim within that week, your claim will be given to someone else.

Icons And Posting:

Do I have to tag my entries when I post? What else should I include in my post?
Tagging your posts is required. More on tag guidelines here. Also, please include the name of the television show you are iconing in the subject.

Can I make more than the 3 required icons of my show per episode?
Of course. While the challenge is to make 3 icons of your show from every episode, you are fully invited to make more than that.

How are my icons supposed to be posted? Do I have to post them here in the community?
You must post your icons in order by season and label them by episode within your posts. Each post must have at least six icons, and you may post no more than four preview icons outside the cut. Tables are welcomed, though no specific table is required. You can post your icons to your own journal as long as you clearly label any fake cuts.

Do I have to post each season separately? Can I post all my icons in one post?
There is no cap on how many icons you can have in your completed posts. If you prefer to post all your icons at once, you are free to do so.

My journal/icon community is Friends Only/Members Only. Can I post a link to the join/friending page of my community/journal?
No. If your community/journal is Members Only/Friends Only you must leave the entry public for a minimum of four days. Please also include somewhere in your post the amount of days the entry will be public.

Can I post icons I've made in the past? What if I've reclaimed a show I couldn't finish the first time?
You must make new icons for this challenge. However, an exception will be made if you're picking a claim back up that you began in the past.

Can I make animated/textless icons?
Yes, we accept all icons that fit LJ standards. This is not a stills/text only community.

Along with screen caps, may I use episode stills for my claim?
Yes. All images in which characters are in character are acceptable.


I've finished making the icons for my claim. What should I do next?
Comment to the Gallery with your subject and the username you applied for your claim with. You will receive a banner and your name will be added to the list.

My post was deleted. What happened?
Your posts will only be deleted if you don't follow the rules of the community. We will never delete a post without a warning first.

Are you interested in affiliating with my journal/community?
Yes, we are always open to new affiliates. You can comment at our Affiliates Post here.

Any other questions or concerns? Comment to this post and a mod will get back to you as soon as possible.
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