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Claims Post

Claims Post
Comment to this post with your Claim. Below the cut are the details of both claiming and commenting.
All claims will now have a claim date attached.


1.You will have four months to complete your claim and
one month to post a first batch of icons.
2. You may post your icons in installments, but batches must consist
of at least six icons. Seasons must be posted in order.
3. All batches must be behind an LJ cut. No more than four preview icons are allowed outside the cut. Fake cuts are permitted when clearly labelled as such.
4. A show has to have one complete season for you to claim it.
5. Please include the name of the tv show and the season number (Ex: Season One) in the subject line of every post.
6. A maximum of one tv shows may be claimed at one time.
7. If the tv show you want is already claimed, you can join the Waiting List and be notified for your character when they become available.
8. You must claim at least one full season of your chosen show.
9. You do not have to claim the entire series, but you are encouraged to do so.
10. Please tag your posts. More details on tags can be found here.
11. For all other questions and concerns, please consult the FAQ post.

The Claims Application
Copy and Paste the following into your comment, then fill it out.
Fill out all answers outside of the bold.

You'll receive a comment when your claim has been approved.

If you need to cancel a claim, please comment here.
If you need to extend a claim, please comment here.
If you have completed your claim please go here.

***All comments will be deleted after claims are approved***

Current Claims:


Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Seasons 1-7]: craterdweller -- due December 31, 2012


Castle [Seasons 1-4]: lorespuff -- due October 12, 2012

Common Law [Season 1]: tigerlylli -- due December 31, 2012


Doctor Who [Seasons 1-7, New!Who]: welshgirl15 -- due October 17, 2012


Game of Thrones [Seasons 1-2]: mark_pierre -- due October 17, 2012


The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers [Seasons 1-2]: wotnm -- due October 19, 2012


Merlin [Seasons 1-4]: mergana -- due December 9, 2012


Spartacus [Blood and Sand]: kymericl -- due October 11, 2012

Spooks [Seasons 1-10]: the_silverdoe -- due December 9, 2012

Star Trek Voyager [Seasons 1-7]: overcastclouds -- due November 12, 2012

Stargate Atlantis [Seasons 1-3]: angelus2hot -- due October 11, 2012

Stargate SG1 [Seasons 1-10]: regularamanda -- due October 12, 2012


Warehouse 13 [Seasons 1-3]: jacquelee -- due October 19, 2012
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